Peter Irock about the TANTRA


The other day we proposed to the famous electronic music composer Peter Irock to test the forthcoming collection of presets TANTRA.

And that’s what he writes to us about it:

“..Tantra is an incredible, fantastic soundbank and presets of absolute beauty. Deep, mystical sounds, perfect to create musical atmospheres of great emotional expression. It will be a great pleasure to insert the sounds of Tantra in my next works.”


Peter has also actively used the Bellatrix Audio presets in the production of his new music album called “SEVEN”





While Tantra –°ollection is preparing for its appearance, you can already listen to a few test demonstrations of some sounds:

4 responses to “Peter Irock about the TANTRA”

  1. Wonderful album and we are also very happy for the collaboration between Peter Irock and BELLATRIX AUDIO. Thank you all!!!

  2. Thanks Helmut! We are always happy to cooperate!

  3. Very nice Presets

  4. Thanks, man! We’ll be ready soon!)

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