Dear friends!

In the near future we will change the business model of our store.
We decided to switch to a paid subscription.

At present, we have introduced the possibility of acquiring a paid premium account, but so far it is a voluntary alternative to regular purchases. This account is issued for life. That is, you pay only once and continue to download all the products of the store, including all new items for free and unlimited time.

In the future, when we switch to a paid subscription only, getting lifetime access will not be available for new subscribers. For those who have already registered and can still register now, the premium account will always be valid.

The purchase of a paid premium account provides several advantages and is financially beneficial for the end user.

We just list you the main advantages of this approach:

1. The cost of subscription is much lower than the total cost of all goods that are currently in the store. Even with the big discounts, the cost of premium access will be much lower than the sum of all purchases in one basket.

2. Having paid only once, you will always have access to all our products on a special closed page and you can directly download our products bypassing the buyer’s basket.

3. You do not need to wait any longer for a discount on a certain product. From the moment of publication any product is immediately available to you for free in your account.

4. Other interesting products that only our subscribers have access to will be placed on a closed page. It is clear that the production of the whole collection takes time. We will think and maybe we will put the sounds in a separate section. They will not belong to any collections, but will come as separate useful copyrighted content from our company. This will allow you to update your studio more often with relevant sounds and presets.

5. Lifetime access allows you to download dozens of great products for free and at the same time have access to all new and relevant products that will be released all the time.

6. We will focus on expanding the content, which means that a lot of interesting things will be created for you that we once planned, but it’s time to finally implement it.

7. Round-the-clock support 24/7 will allow you to always and timely receive assistance in resolving any situation related to technical errors on the site (they sometimes happen). Also, if you experience difficulties in receiving the goods or access errors, you can write to us and we will promptly help resolve your problem. Never be shy about writing problems. Having declared a problem to us, you help to make the site work more stable and better. We are always grateful to you if you contact us and point out errors and glitches.

About the risks:

If for some reason our store ceases to operate, which is unlikely, you will still not lose access to your legitimate products. We will be required to create an archive section of the store and provide you with unhindered access to all content available to you by subscription. Although this is an unlikely scenario and we do not plan to end our career, but rather do everything in order to increase the number of new releases, we are still writing to you about this so that you would not have any fears or doubts.

We do not print products as fast as others. We and the team are two people, and the approach to creating the product is special.
We are waiting for a certain time to make sounds relevant, and not to make sounds similar to each other from time to time, every week. We are creative people, and relevance and quality are paramount for us. We do not cling to net profit by selling trash bags.

Today we offer a big discount on getting a premium account.
You might think that this is too generous a move and you may have doubts.
You have nothing to worry about. You can write to our support team and ask any question about this. We will try to answer as much as possible to any of your questions and help with the decision.

You must understand that in the future the cost of subscription will be more expensive and not forever. Therefore, we suggest you take advantage of the offer now to gain access forever and for less money. You will forever remain premium members and friends of our site.
By becoming a premium subscriber you will greatly support our team, which will motivate us to produce the best new products. In return from us, you will always receive quality content completely free of charge and many more interesting and useful things that we will gradually present on our website.

We will also connect a forum for premium users. You can discuss the work of the site, chat with each other. Make suggestions and comments. Just chat.
It would be great to know each other, to communicate with each other, to find common topics. We are also interested in your opinion and your feedback. We will only be happy with this format of communication.